Epische WSOP Heads-Up match: Greg Raymer vs. David Williams Deel 2

Raymer vs Williams3

In deel 1 van de epische heads-up match tussen Greg Raymer vs David Williams heb je al kunnen lezen dat beide spelers weinig informatie over elkaar hadden. In deel 2 geven beide spelers hun analyse over de laatste hand.

Handanalyse - Raymer

Raymer gaf zijn analyse over de laatste hand, inclusief de reden waarom hij pre-flop niet bette met pocket achten:

Pocket eights is a very strong hand for heads-up. Any pair is often a hand that you will take to the river, whether you hold a pocket pair, or hit a pair using the board.

When David open-raises his button, 88 is often a hand to 3-bet. However, we were very deep, and I thought a lot of my edge would come from post-flop play. So, in a sense I mixed it up by just calling here. The flop was exceptionally good for my hand, 2-4-5 with two diamonds.


It’s quite rare for there to be no overcards to this pair, so this is about as good a flop as I can hope for other than flopping a set. However, my hand is very vulnerable, as any and every overcard that might come on the turn or river (any of 9-A) might hit David's hand and put him in the lead. Plus, there are the two diamonds for potential flush draws.

So, I checked the flop with the intention of raising, at which point David instantly called. At this point, it seems highly unlikely that he has a higher pocket pair, though it is a small possibility. More likely he has a one-pair hand with 2x, 4x, or 5x, or 33 or 66, or two diamonds, or just two big cards (AT, KQ, etc.) that he isn't willing to fold yet.

Again, without being an 8, the turn is about as good as I can hope for, another 2. While he might now have trips, it's rather unlikely, so I value-bet to make him either fold, or pay to catch whatever card he needs to beat me. He again instantly calls. I'm starting to worry that he flopped a straight and is trapping, but it's still much more likely he has 4x, 5x, 33, a flush draw, and maybe still two really big cards (AK, maybe AQ, probably most other such hands would fold now).

The river is the best card in the deck for me, another 2. If he has a straight, I just got lucky. If he has 2x, 44, or 55, I was already beat anyway.

Handanalyse - Williams

Ondertussen gaf Williams aan dat hij niet goed genoeg was voorbereid op de heads-up match:

I didn’t really have time to formulate a game plan and had never played heads-up in my life before. I was totally inexperienced and didn’t know what to do.

I put him on a hand like QJ or KJ. I felt he would have 3-Bet me with his pairs, so I really assumed all he could have that beats me is a flopped straight or a five. I didn’t think he had A3 or 36 or a random 5 so I didn’t think i was beat. Once I had made up my mind on the flop, the turn and river didn’t change much except now allow me to beat a flopped straight also. I heard he was very aggressive so I assumed he bluffed a lot to amass the stack he had coming into the final table.

Op de river

Toen Raymer werd gevraagd of hij spijt had van sommige handen tijdens de korte heads-up match zei hij dat zijn shove op de river wel een fout had kunnen zijn.

Before I could even turn my head back towards David, he had already said ‘call’ and turned over his cards.

Given his rapid call, I thought I must be beat, by either 2x, 44, or 55. So, it took me a couple of seconds to realize that David had tabled A4, for 2s full of 4s, and that I had the winning hand with 2s full of 8s. At that point, I tabled my hand, threw my arms up in the air, and let out a primal victory scream.

I then dropped my glasses on the table, and realized how bad David must feel, and went to shake his hand and congratulate him on his good play all day. I then realized my wife, father, and other family and friends were in the audience, and went to hug my wife.

She was bawling, and apparently my delay in getting to her was a good thing. They had told my family that if I won, they should feel free to ignore the stanchion separating the audience from the players, and come up to me. When I won, my Dad lifted the rope for Cheryl so they could go through, but she was apparently close to fainting. It took those few seconds of me talking to David for her to be able to stand up and hug me anyway. To this day, I can't talk about this without tearing up myself, thinking of her crying, and us hugging.

My Dad passed away from cancer last year, so I also tear up now thinking of him. I am so glad he was able to be there and see his son win the World Championship. It meant a lot to us both.

Vanuit het standpunt van Williams:

Obviously I was devastated to have come so close to something so huge, but I was fine with it. I got to heads-up using my instincts so just stuck with that.

Raymer en Williams hebben sinds de heads-up match jaren geleden niet echt meer met elkaar gesproken, maar Raymer had nog wel een gedachte over de laatste hand:

I don't see David often, and we've never spoken too much about that hand. Many other people have criticized his call on the end, but I don't think it was a mistake, or at least not a big one. With 2 diamonds on the flop, a lot of my range here includes hands that are two overcard diamonds. And while I wouldn't always triple-barrel bluff with those cards, I would every time if I thought it would get him to fold. So, this hand easily could have been his full house beating my trip 2s with a couple of overcards to the board.

I think his only mistake might have been calling so fast. It's such a big moment, such an important decision, why not take a little extra time to think it through and make sure you're happy with your choice, however it works out.

Het leven na de WSOP

Greg Raymer zette zijn WSOP Main Event overwinning om een een lange sponsordeal met PokerStars, waar hij tezamen met Joe Hachem en Chris Moneymaker tot de groep Main Event winnaars van de site behoorde. 

Greg Raymer

Raymer wist ook nog eens $2,5 miljoen te winnen met het spelen van live pokertoernooien en maakte een jaar na zijn WSOP Main Event overwinning indruk met zijn poging om zijn titel te verdedigen. Hij eindigde het daaropvolgende jaar namelijk op de 25e plaats bij het WSOP Main Event 2005.Raymer promootte poker over de gehele wereld en streed ook over het legaliseren van online poker in de Verenigde Staten.

In de afgelopen jaren organiseerde Raymer verschillende poker workshops en was hij erg succesvol op de Heartland Poker Tour.

"The skill level today is so much higher than it was then," zei hij.

"If we took a player in this year's Main Event whose skill level puts him at the top of the bottom quartile of all players (i.e., he's better than about 25% of the field, but not more), he would probably be in the top 10% of the field in 2004. Or at least pretty close to that.

"The best players today are definitely better, but the real difference is how much better the worst players in the field have become."

Williams was het hier mee eens:

"The player skill is the biggest difference for sure," zei hij.

"In 2004 the average player in the field rarely 3-Bet and NEVER 4-Bet. I just raised and bluffed people every day and they weren’t used to it. Now that would never work."

David Williams kan ook terugkijken op een erg succesvolle pokercarrière. Zijn runner up finish in 2004 leverde hem al $5,1 miljoen op. In 2006 won hij eindelijk zijn WSOP bracelet bij een $1,500 Seven-Card Stud event. In 2010 won hij het WPT World Championship voor maar liefst $1,5 miljoen.

Williams heeft nu $8,6 miljoen verdiend met het spelen van live pokertoernooien en dat is zelfs meer dan Greg Raymer. Een interessant gegeven is dat Williams van mening is dat de verloren heads-up match er zelfs voor heeft gezorgd dat hij enorm gemotiveerd was om te slagen in poker.

"I am happy with my poker career afterwards and think the desire to get that big win after losing to Greg kept me going for so many years," zei hij.

Williams heeft een aantal jaren PokerStars vertegenwoordigd en hij is ook nog regelmatig te zien hij de M:TG pro tour.

Recentelijk werd ook bekend dat hij deelneemt aan het zevende seizoen van MasterChef. Gordon Ramsay die bekend staat als een harde chef met veel kritiek noemde Williams in een promotie voor het nieuwe seizoen zelfs een “bloody good chef” en dat zegt heel veel.

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